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(Cover image by Wisesnail can be found in the TIC2 Zine)

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For the second iteration of The Ineffable Con, we are heading online for an entirely virtual convention experience!

Our goal is to bring you everything that made last year’s convention special, without having to leave your home. As well as making the convention pandemic-proof, we hope this will enable us to include people who would not have been able to travel to a physical convention.

19:00 Welcome to The Ineffable Con 2

Rachael and Bethany, your co-hosts, welcome you to TIC2 and provide the information you’ll need to have an ineffable weekend!

19:45 The Chattering Order of St. Beryl

The Chattering Order of St. Beryl are commanded to chatter, natter, and rabbit about every last little thing that comes into their heads for every second of every waking hour – come and join them for a chinwag!

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20:40 Vid Show: Part 1

A selection of videos made by Good Omens fandom.

21:00 David Arnold: The Music of Good Omens

A dark, playful, time-traveling series of massive scope, Good Omens was a “universe-sized show” in need of a universe-sized score, composer David Arnold explains in a Deadline article. Get your questions ready about choirs, lullabies, those fantastic end credits and more!

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22:00 Games Night

Good Omens themed games are available to play throughout the night.

10:00 Mary: Crowley’s Iconic Bentley

Jeremy and Mary, the Bentley, were beloved guests at The Ineffable Con in 2019, and we are delighted to welcome them back to hear about their adventures on the Good Omens set!

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11:00 Fic Reading: Not Very Angelic, Not Very Demonic

Giulia, Alice and Martina read part 1 of Giulia’s fanfiction, The Odd and Bizarre Adventures of Aziraphale, Angel, and Crowley, Demon.

Managing Creative Flow

Connie, Cyn and Haley walk through some of the main practices and tools you can use to manage your creative flow and produce work you feel good about.

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11:30 Vid Show: Part 2

A selection of videos made by Good Omens fandom.

12:00 Good Omens Q&A

Come and meet a team of cosplayers to ask your questions of Beelzebub, Anathema, Warlock, Aziraphale and Crowley!

The Chase: Episode 1

Four contestants pit their wits against the Chaser, Maddie, a ruthless Good Omens quiz genius determined to stop them winning the prize!

13:00 ‘We Are The Fallen’: Demons Then and Now

Mags provides a ‘Demons 101’ overview, offering a historical background for reading the demons in the show and book.

The Them: The Ineffable Genders of Good Omens

Caspian leads a discussion on gender diversity and presentation in Good Omens: The Horsepeople, Beelzebub’s pronouns and our favourite angel and demon.

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14:00 Pointless Episode 1

A quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their Good Omens knowledge to come up with obscure answers!

Swords, Spats and Silver Chains: Symbolism in GO Props and Costumes

Suvroc hosts a fan-directed panel to share headcanons and meta on the costume choices and properties that appear in the show and what might be meant.

15:00 Do It With Style: A Nice and Accurate Guide to Cosplay

Katie, Kiper and Tifa share tips on all things cosplay and photography, such as inexpensive cosplays, organising your shoots and convention etiquette.

Lend Us Your Ears: An Intro to Podfic

Two podficcers, Literarion and semperfiona, introduce some of their favourite podfics and talk about how they’re made.

16:00 Anyone Can Draw Good Omens!

Tyro provides a step-by-step demo, using simple lines and shapes, so you can draw your favourite Good Omens characters – you’ll draw at least two in the session!

NSFW: Magic Even Aziraphale Could Do!

Pamela will teach us some easy but effective magic tricks whilst sharing entertaining anecdotes about her Good Omens obsession.

16:30 Vid Show: Part 3

A selection of videos made by Good Omens fandom.

17:00 Marc Burrows: The Magic of Terry Pratchett

Marc shares his Good Omens chapter from his book, The Magic of Terry Pratchett, and welcomes questions about all things Sir Pterry.

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18:00 Go Off Together! Go Off Together? Alpha Centauri and Beyond

Is Alpha Centauri a good place to escape Armageddon with your hereditary enemy? Space scientists Ashley, Emily, Karen and Rachael explore this and other questions about Crowley’s creations.

The Meta-tron: the Fandom as the Voice of God and Immersion in the Good Omens Universe

AnnaThema, Edna V and Obliquity, all fans and creators of transformative works, will explore different types of meta and how they influence and improve their experience of Good Omens.

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19:00 Neil Gaiman, Douglas Mackinnon and Rob Wilkins: Q&A with the creators

We are delighted to have the opportunity to meet Douglas Mackinnon, Director, Neil Gaimain, Writer and Showrunner, and Rob Wilkins, Executive Producer. Need we say more?

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20:00 Cosplay Competition

Rachael and Bethany host your cosplay competition, giving you a chance to show off your creations and vote on our winner!

21:00 The Spanish Inquisition: TIC2 Quiz (Olé!)

It wouldn’t be a The Ineffable Con event without a fiendish quiz…this time, we even have an easy round…

22:00 Games Night

Good Omens themed games are available to play throughout the night.

10:00 Aziraphale Bakes an Angel Cake

Aziraphale (channeled by Simon) demonstrates this recipe, as adapted from one used on the Great British Bake-Off.

Good Omens: An International Fandom!

AnnaThema, Sabrina and Tifa, three fans from different countries, share their experiences of being part of an international fandom, and how Good Omens encompasses cultures, languages, and identities.

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10:30 Vid Show: Part 4

A selection of videos made by Good Omens fandom.

11:00 Paul Adeyefa: Our Disposable Demon

The Disposable Demon is, without doubt, one of Good Omens fandom’s favourite characters added for the TV show. It’s your chance to ask Paul all about being on set, his favourite lines and whether Hastur smells of poo…

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12:00 Fic Reading: To the End of the World and Afterwards

Giulia, Alice and Martina read part 2 of Giulia’s fanfiction, The Odd and Bizarre Adventures of Aziraphale, Angel, and Crowley, Demon.

Pointless Episode 2

A quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their Good Omens knowledge to come up with obscure answers!

12:30 Vid Show: Part 5

A selection of videos made by Good Omens fandom.

13:00 The Nice and Accurate History of Queer Coding: Ineffable Husbands

Leo and Caspian will go over the history of queer coding in media and how it affects people’s understanding of Crowley and Aziraphale’s relationship.

The Chase: Episode 2

Four contestants pit their wits against the Chaser, Lauren, a ruthless Good Omens quiz genius determined to stop them winning the prize!

14:00 Peter Anderson Studio: The ‘Brilliantly Bonkers’ Title Sequence

On Peter Anderson Studio’s website, The Good Omens title sequence is called a “brilliantly bonkers concoction of illustration, physical props, character animation, 3D and live action”. We can’t wait to hear more!

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15:00 Fanfiction: Finding Your Words, Finding Your World

Andrea, Edna V and Lurlur talk about canon, creativity, communities, respectability, and finding what you’re looking for — whether it’s a trope, a craft, or a catharsis.

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Grow Better: Plants, Parks, and Gardens in Good Omens

Lisa and Lauren explore plants in Good Omens, from the history of houseplants and the parks and green spaces in the London area to apple trees and Eden.

16:00 Gabriel Made Me Do It: A Good Omens Art Panel

Pinkpiggy, Whiteley Foster and Wisesnail, three Good Omens fanartists, answer your questions about making time for fanart while dealing with the struggles of daily life.

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The Ineffable Round Robin

Amy and Melanie host an interactive opportunity to have fun practicing your writing whilst connecting to other writers in the Good Omens fandom. Sign up here! (Please note: we are unable to record interactive sessions)

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17:00 Claire Anderson: Costume Designer

In a BBC interview, Claire Anderson said of her work on Good Omens: “It’s been a fantastic drama to work on. It’s been a joyous journey of exploration.” We can’t wait to find out about those explorations!

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18:00 Closing Ceremony

Join Rachael and Bethany for a round up of the weekend’s events and to hear who has won some ineffable prizes!

Alongside the scheduled events, we have lots more to do:

  • A virtual exhibit hall featuring fanart and fanmade merchandise available to view and order.
  • The Principality Challenge: challenges to be released during the convention with prizes to be won! If you’re looking for something to keep you busy in the lead-up to the convention, you can check out the Purgatory Challenge.
  • A Good Omens Scavenger Hunt, playable in teams of up to four players, with prizes to be won (if you like escape rooms, this one is for you!).
  • Games: If you’re a fan of Only Connect, you might enjoy our Good Omens connecting walls, which will be available to play throughout the convention (and if you have no idea what this means, all will be explained!). We also have instructions for playing custom Cards Against Armageddon and Taboo games in small groups online, or you can join a group game of these and other offerings on the Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • Arts and Crafts: Like to have something to do with your hands while watching panels? We’ll have colouring pages and crafts available to download and print at home.
  • The Ineffable Con 2 Zine: Featuring more than 50 works of brand new fanfiction and art, the zine will be available to download in a variety of formats to read at your leisure.



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