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Event Details

The Ineffable Con took place in High Wycombe, England from October 18-20 2019.

The final schedule for the convention is below:

1600 Registration Opens

Sign in at the registration desk in the Lounge to collect your convention badge.

1800 Welcome to The Ineffable Con

Get to know your fellow convention members with some themed ice breaking games.

1900 Episode 3 Cold Open

Get into the spirit of the convention with a group rewatch of the magnificent 28-minute cold open of episode 3. Heckling encouraged.

1930 Dinner
2030 Opening Ceremony

The official opening of the convention. Rachael and Tracionn welcome you to The Ineffable Con with themed games and prizes to win.

2130 Kink Bingo

A fandom favourite game to round off the night.

0900 Round Robin

Start the day by writing a collaborative fanfiction.

1000 Panel: Ineffable Husbands

What’s your headcanon for the progression of their relationship? How much of a gift was the cold open of episode 3? How much difference does it make to have the author openly acknowledge it as a love story?

1100 Chibiffable: An Art Workshop

Three of our fandom’s talented artists present a workshop for complete beginners and seasoned artists alike, to discover easy ways to draw Aziraphale and Crowley in the most adorable and wholesome way possible.

1200 Panel: Genderfluid Crowley

Headcanoning Crowley as genderqueer, and the connection between snakes and genderfluidity in myths and fiction.

1300 Lunch
1400 Meet & Greet With the Crowley Family

For fanfiction research or just for fun: meet some of Crowley’s serpent friends. Content Notice: contains live snakes (handling optional).

1500 Bring & Buy Sale

A chance to buy and sell merchandise and crafts.

1530 Much Ado About Ineffability

An introduction to a fan project crossing Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing with Good Omens. See progress on the first act and learn how you can get involved.

1630 Gavotte Workshop

Learn to dance like an angel. Note: this room is up one flight of stairs.

1800 Free time to get ready for dinner
1900 Dining at the Ritz* and Cosplay Contest

*imagination required

2030 Quiz

Another chance to win prizes in our team quiz event.

2130 Vid Show

A screening of a selection of Good Omens fanvids, including some not seen online.

0900 Panel: Queerbaiting

“Queerbaiting” is when writers (whether in books, TV, or movies) hint at a queer romance in order to attract an LGBT audience, but shy away from actually depicting it in order to avoid alienating a homophobic audience. Does Good Omens fall prey to this trope?

1000 Panel: The Ineffable World of Fanfiction

There has been an explosion of Good Omens fanfiction in the last few months. What trends have emerged and which tropes are popular? This is also an opportunity to recommend your favourites to help other convention members wade through the thousands of new fics.

1100 Alpha Centauri & Beyond

Is Alpha Centauri a good place to run away to when you want to avoid the apocalypse? An astrophysicist talks through the stars and nebulae Crowley helped to build.

1200 Auction & Raffle

A chance to bid on the art that’s been on display in the Art Show throughout the convention, and to win prizes in our raffle.

1300 Lunch
1400 Behind the Scenes

A member of the Good Omens crew talks about the experience of working on the show and shares stories from the set.

1500 Armageddon, feat. An Ineffable Musical Parody

The official close of the convention, featuring prizes and a special musical performance.

1600 Convention Ends
1700 Depart for Tadfield

This is a Good Omens convention, so clearly Armageddon is not really the end! If you’re joining us for our outing to Tadfield, meet in the Lounge for a 5pm departure.

In addition to the formally scheduled programme, we have the following activities on offer:

  • Art Show
    The art show will be available for viewing until Sunday morning, with both originals and prints. We welcome arts and crafts of all sorts. The show will consist of pieces brought by members to display, with some available to buy through the con auction.
  • Games
    We have two games created especially for the convention that will be available to play throughout the event.
  • Competitions
    Competitions available to take part in at any time include a caption contest, a mini story and art challenge, and a treasure hunt. Prizes are available and will be awarded at the close of the convention.
  • Photo Ops
    We know lots of people will attend the convention in costume – and not necessarily only for the Saturday evening Cosplay Contest! To help with your photo ops we’ll have an assortment of props available.
  • Arts & Crafts Corner
    Themed colouring pages and craft activities are available in the Lounge throughout the convention.
  • Reading Library
    Whenever you need some quiet time, we have an assortment of novels by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, as well as Good Omens fanfiction recommended by other convention members, available at all times to be enjoyed in the Lounge, or taken back to your room or (if the weather surprises us) into the extensive grounds of the conference centre.



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